Extinction Rebellion attempt to confront David Attenborough at his home after he criticised the group 2 years ago

Extinction Rebellion attempt to confront David Attenborough at his home after he criticised the group

The 94-year-old presenter is currently shielding from the coronavirus.

Extinction Rebellion activists attempted to confront legendary broadcaster Sir David Attenborough at his home in London after he criticised the group.


Attenborough had previously said that Extinction Rebellion needed "to be careful not to break the law," adding that "disturbing lives... is a serious thing to do and could disenchant people".

Previous Extinction Rebellion protests in the UK have blocked traffic from passing over London Bridge, and prevented London Underground trains from leaving Canning Town station.

The eco-warriors delivered a letter to Attenborough in which they outlined their wish to work more closely with the presenter, who has starred on TV and radio for more than 60 years.

The Extinction Rebellion letter challenged Attenborough on his comments that the law should not be broken.


It reads:

"We are a group of Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists and we bring you this letter to ask for your help.

"For decades we have enjoyed your films and TV programmes. We share your deep concern for the living planet and the need you have expressed for immediate and decisive action to tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

"I'm sure you would agree that now, more than ever, we need new ideas, new courage, new ways of thinking about how to create the change we so desperately need."


The pressure group also said that nonviolent rule-breaking has a history of bringing about change.

"Breaking the law was integral to the achievements of the Suffragettes, Gandhi's Salt Marchers, the Civil Rights movement and the Polish and East German democracy movement, to name only a few.

"You yourself have said 'We cannot be radical enough when dealing with climate change'. But your recent comments to the BBC, where you said 'you have to be careful that you don't break the law' and that Extinction Rebellion should question whether their actions are 'political and sensible,' suggest you believe otherwise."

The protestors were met at Attenborough's home by his daughter, who turned them away - reminding them that his family are shielding from the coronavirus pandemic.