Factory leak now means that there's an entire street that's covered in chocolate 3 years ago

Factory leak now means that there's an entire street that's covered in chocolate

If you love chocolate, drop everything.

There's a multitude of lessons that you can learn from The Goonies. For example, it's possible for a young child to befriend a freakishly-strong manchild after bonding over a Baby Ruth chocolate bar.


Does anyone else wonder what the hell Chunk's parents thought when their son told them that Sloth is now going to live with them?

Right, quickly moving on because in that iconic film, Mouth did insult the man who invented the Truffle Shuffle by saying: "how about we just spread chocolate on the floor and let Chunk eat his way through?"

We always knew that Mouth had a point because right now, we could really do with the likes of Chunk, Augustus Gloop, and Üter from The Simpsons because a street in a western German town is an essential destination for chocaholics.

That's because a tonne of chocolate somehow managed to flow out from the factory and solidify on the pavement.


The local newspaper Soester Anzeiger have reported that a “small technical defect” involving a storage tank caused the chocolate to spill out from the DreiMeister chocolate factory in Westönnen.

See, there is a god.

After meeting with the chilly conditions, the chocolate solidified on the road and it actually needed 25 firefighters to pry the chocolate off with shovels. They also used hot water and torches.

Hell, why go through all the necessary trouble, lads?


Just pay for a plane ticket. We're there!

Take a look.

Clip via CBS Philly