Graham Norton couldn't resist one great Ireland gag during Eurovision final 4 months ago

Graham Norton couldn't resist one great Ireland gag during Eurovision final

That's the boy, Graham.

While we missed his off-cut comments, cheeky digs and downright barbs on the BBC coverage of Eurovision 2023, Graham Norton had plenty of moments to entertain during the event.


Norton and Hannah Waddingham were the two main hosts for the song contest, in Liverpool, on Saturday night. As well as keeping a long night rumbling along with some great gangs and warm-hearted moments, the pair also joined in a rousing rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' that brought tears to plenty of eyes.

But where would we be without Norton's rapier wit? Throughout the night, he pulled out a few gems.

  • "He's like the slowest stripper in the world!" - slagging the Icelandic jury representative, who took an age to read out his country's votes
  • His reaction to Germany's song, Blood and Glitter - "Two of the toughest things to get out of the carpet"
  • "Sure what do I know, I'm just an ageing homosexual in a commentary booth"

Graham Norton gets in Ireland gag

As the event was being hosted - on behalf of war-torn Ukraine - in Liverpool, there were plenty of British singers and past Eurovision entrants on hand during the event.

At one stage, 52-year-old Liverpudlian pop star Sonia appeared and sang Better the Devil You Know. That was the song that saw her finish second in the Eurovision, back in 1993.


Graham Norton certainly remembered who beat the singer to first place, and reminded the watching world when she appeared on-screen with the votes of the Irish jury:

"It's Sonia's nemesis, Niamh Kavanagh!"


Graham Norton may have been working for the BBC but he remains a proud Irishman at heart.

While Ireland may have had their day, back in 1993, they did not even make the final this year. Wild Youth gave it a decent go in the semi-final but did not make the cut as 26 countries sang for glory.

In the end, Loreen from Sweden won her second ever contest with her song, Tattoo. It means the Swedes have equalled Ireland's long-standing record of seven competition wins.

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