Guilty pleas of Peru Two rejected 9 years ago

Guilty pleas of Peru Two rejected

The pleas of Tyrone native Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid of being guilty of drug smuggling have been rejected by prosecutors in Peru.

Having been arrested for trying to smuggle 11kgs of cocaine out of the country last month, McCollum and Reid pleaded guilty of drugs trafficking in front of a judge on Tuesday in an effort to have their sentences reduced.


According to Sky News, prosecutors have rejected the pleas of both of the accused, with prosecutor Juan Rosas claiming that they did so because they have only accepted partial guilt for their actions.

"A new statement is required by the women and they will have to admit not only that they came here to traffic drugs but also that they did not tell the truth with respect to them being kidnapped, they have to make a full admission of responsibility for all of the charges brought by the prosecution," Rosas said.

Rosas and the prosecution team maintain that McCollum and Reid fabricated the story about being kidnapped and being forced to smuggle the drugs and that as long as they maintain that stance, it will take some time before a verdict is reached.

"If they continue to maintain this incredible version of events then the prosecution is not going to accept them taking advantage of a quick conclusion of proceedings," Rosas added.


Reid’s parents claimed recently that their daughter was telling the truth about the kidnapping and that the guilty pleas were made in an effort to resolve the case as quickly as possible.

A court hearing has been set for October 1 where both McCollum and Reid could learn of their sentence, with a guilty plea carrying a minimum sentence of six years and eight months.