The guy who mooned everyone at Eurovision is now facing jail time 6 years ago

The guy who mooned everyone at Eurovision is now facing jail time

If you're going to be a bit of a prankster and show your butt to the whole world, maybe Ukraine isn't the place to do that...

In case you missed it, during the Eurovision 2017 final, Ukrainian "humorist" Vitalii Seduik got up on stage during the previous year's winner's performance, danced about the place in an Australian flag, and then mooned the entire audience, which included about 100,000,000 people watching at home.


Of course, him being in the Australian flag led everyone to believe he was from Australia, which is fair enough:

In case you're thinking you might recognise that ass from somewhere, he's the guy who stormed the stage while Adele accepted her award for Best Solo Pop Performance at the 2013 Grammys, kissed Will Smith on the red carpet of Men In Black 3 (and was then slapped across the face by Big Will), and dove head first into Brad Pitt's crotch at the Maleficent premiere, which resulted in him getting 30 days in prison.


Apparently not learning his lesson even one little bit, it is being reported that he has been detained for 72 hours since the events at the Eurovision and now faces charges of hooliganism.

The Ukrainian interior minister took to Facebook to tell the world just how much trouble Seduik is in:

Roughly translated, it says: "In response to inquiries about the idiot ogolivshego your ass in front of 200 million viewers. Sedyuk - Ukrainian citizen. During the presentation of our dzhamaly, with his words - he decided to exercise their hobbies, as "unofficially works causing this journalist".


Was detained by the protection of the competition, with the participation of police - resisted arrest. Fine Art. 208 of the CPC of Ukraine detained for 72 hours before the court, which will elect him tomorrow as a preventive measure under article 296 of the h. 3 (aggravated battery) - from a fine of up to five years imprisonment.

In the meantime.. this is a disgrace to the country, will be able to exercise their "Hobby" in a prison cell temporary holding facility. Really, show your ass out there, enjoying your companions "Hobby" - I wouldn't recommend it."

So there you have it. Ukraine are apparently not ass fans.