Another day, another ridiculous place up for rent in Dublin... for €700 per month 1 year ago

Another day, another ridiculous place up for rent in Dublin... for €700 per month

We're in shock.

As long as the housing crisis in Ireland has existed we've seen some absolutely shocking places up for rent, for even more shocking prices.

We've seen a mattress on a floor going for just short of €500 per month, and the option to share a bed in Ashington for €450 per month; just two examples of how bad the situation has become.

And we thought we'd seen it all... until now.

Someone in Sutton, Dublin has literally put a plywood roof over their side passage, and is now renting it out for €700 a month.

We don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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As you can see, it's exactly as bad as it sounds.

In fairness to the landlord, they've obviously gone to some amount of effort as they've even included a fully equipped kitchen and a sitting area with table and chairs.

Plus it's in Sutton, which is a beautiful area. As the listing puts it: "You'll be outside the city of Dublin, and close enough to smell the sea breezes. But there's a train station nearby that will take you into the centre when you need it."

The listing also elaborates on how much an outdoorsy type person would love this particular area, saying: "If you like being outdoors, this is a great place for you. There's a huge golf course nearby. Or consider exploring the nearby nature preserve at Bull Island."

Yes, but it's still an outside side passage with a makeshift roof over it.

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