New broadband rollout spells great news for the west of Ireland 4 years ago

New broadband rollout spells great news for the west of Ireland

No more shouting at the modem.

Ah yes, rural Ireland internet. It's bearable when you are younger and have no choice but to wait what feels like a million years for a page to load. However, when you move out and find that the rest of Ireland's broadband service is actually extremely fast compared to home, you realise just how bad the situation is in rural areas.


That is all about to change with the introduction of a new broadband rollout.

According to The Independent, a number of west of Ireland towns are set to become Ireland's fastest fibre-powered broadband hotspots in the next two years.

This rollout would see the likes of Ballinasloe, Roscommon Town and several places in Donegal enjoy a better service than those in cities like Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

Telecomms firm Enet and energy company SSE are to connect 115,000 homes and businesses to fibre broadband in communities already assigned for another fibre broadband rollout scheduled from Eir.

The joint effort will cost both Enet and SSE around €100 million but the new service will see maximum broadband speeds in Irish cities become half of what will be available in rural towns.

Minister for Communications, Denis Naughten, welcomed the move saying that the "super fast high-speed broadband... will ensure communities are sustained and business can flourish in towns and rural Ireland.”