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30th Nov 2023

“Who are we at war with?” – Joe Brolly lays into Conor McGregor at Gig for Gaza

Simon Kelly

Joe Brolly McGregor

Brolly gave an impassioned speech at the 3Arena event on Tuesday.

Joe Brolly added to his ongoing war of words with MMA fighter Conor McGregor on stage at the Gig for Gaza in Dublin’s 3Arena on Tuesday night, November 28.

McGregor has come under fire following his comments leading up to the riot in the capital city last Thursday.

On the day of the riots, the athlete told his followers on X: “Ireland, we are at war”, which many across the country have condemned as inflammatory.

Conor McGregor

It has since been reported that McGregor was under investigation by the Gardaí for alleged incitement to hatred surrounding the riots.

As the above was reported, the former GAA star took to X saying: “Unsurprising. Clear prima facie case of incitement to hatred and violence under section 2 of the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989. No one is above the law.”

Joe Brolly lays into Conor McGregor at Gig for Gaza

The Gig for Gaza, which raised over €200,000 for medical aid for Palestinians, took place on Tuesday night in the 3Arena.

Taking to the stage, Brolly gave an impassioned speech, in which he mentioned the fallout of the Dublin riots and the involvement of McGregor.

“And Conor McGregor,” said the barrister, after which a chorus of jeers and boos followed. “I promised my wife I wouldn’t call him a ****!”

“Who are we at war with? With Brazilian Deliveroo drivers who save children’s lives outside a nursery? With Filipino student nurses who spent ten minutes frantically trying to save a small child’s life? At war with bus drivers, with black people, with trans people, with librarians? With our gay friends and neighbours? Who are we at war with?”

Brolly then went on to said that he had “engaged publicly” with McGregor and made a report to the Gardaí about “What I believed to be serious criminal offences that unleashed a deluge of hate…”

“As my mother said, ‘Get in the queue’.”

McGregor has tweeted several times about Brolly in recent days, but has yet to respond to the pundit’s comments at the Gig for Gaza.

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