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29th Nov 2023

Popular American TV host mocked for bizarre theory on cause of Dublin riots


dublin riots

His comments have received a backlash.

US conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson has shared a bizarre theory about the cause of the Dublin riots last week.

Last Thursday, a knife attack occurred outside Gaelscoil Coláiste Mhuire in Parnell Square East that left a woman and three children injured, of which a five-year-old girl remains in critical condition.

Within hours, riots broke out in Dublin city centre – with many on social media using the attack to criticise the Irish Government’s immigration policies.

In the ensuing chaos, three buses, three Garda patrol cars and one Luas tram were set alight, while 13 properties were attacked and substantially damaged.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has since confirmed that the man suspected of the attack is an Irish citizen who has lived in the country for 20 years, but was not born in the state.

Having been dismissed from Fox News earlier this year, Carlson launched the show Tucker on X on the social media platform.

In an episode released this week titled ‘Dublin in Flames’, the presenter spoke with Steve Bannon – former White House Chief Strategist and long-time ally of Donald Trump – about the cause of last week’s riots.

Popular American TV host shares bizarre theory on cause of Dublin riots

And during that conversation, Carlson claimed that the Irish Government is “trying to replace the population of Ireland with people from the third world”.

Putting this theory to Bannon, the former Fox News presenter said:

“So, the Irish Government is trying to replace the population of Ireland with people from the third world, obviously. But why?

“What’s the justification for that? Ireland was never a colonial power. These are not people they once ruled coming back to the mother country. The same people have lived in Ireland for thousands of years. They have a native population and they’re being replaced.

“Why would someone want to do that, do you think?”

To this, Bannon replied: “I think you’re seeing this because the political class [in Ireland] is very tied to Brussels. There’s really no true opposition party when you think from a populist nationalist perspective.

“They’ve got a couple of small parties that are starting to grow. Of course, you got Sinn Féin, who’s the political arm of the IRA, who are more and more taking on a nationalistic bent.

“You’ve got a couple of small parties, one kind of Trump inspired, to combat this. But look, you talk about the great replacement theory, and people get very upset when you talk about it.

“The Germans and the people in Brussels, the party of Davos, just doesn’t think the working class European population is very controllable. They think they’re dangerous.

“They think they’re the cause of these world wars – in World War I and World War II – so they’ve tried to control them every way possible. Now they’re using immigration and Ireland is one of the worst examples and that’s why it’s a powder keg.”

The episode has received a backlash, with many highlighting inaccuracies in Bannon and Carlson’s comments.

These include Bannon’s statements about and pronunciation of Sinn Féin, as well as Carlson stating that a man is suspected of stabbing five people in Dublin city centre last Thursday – instead of four.

You can read some of these critical reactions to the episode below:

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