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16th Dec 2023

Man who recorded ‘final moments’ during shark attack ‘wanted to say goodbye’

Stephen Porzio


WARNING: Some may find the images below disturbing

“I never thought I’d survive that monster.”

A young man who recorded as he was attacked by a shark says he thought the video would capture his final moments.

From Parma in Italy, 20-year-old Matteo Mariotti took a trip to Australia a year ago to study and work.

On Friday 8 December, Matteo was with a friend on a beach in Queensland when he was savagely set upon by the shark, suffering a number of bites.

According to a GoFundMe page for the Italian man, made by his family and friends, the deep wounds inflicted by the sea creature led to the amputation of one of his legs below the knee.

Matteo later took to social media to post the distressing footage of the attack – with the caption: “I started this video a few moments after the last bite.

“I wanted to say goodbye. I never thought I’d survive that monster.”

sharkMatteo Mariotti survived the shark attack but lost half of one of his legs / Image via GoFundMe

In the clip posted to his Instagram, Matteo can be heard shouting in panic “help me” in Italian to his friend as the water turns red with his blood.

His GoFundMe page reads: “Matteo will need support and very expensive medical care to get back to living his best life as a 20-year-old, and we are determined to do our utmost to help him.

“This is why we ask all of you, in your own small way, to help us raise as much money as possible to give the best possible solution to this boy.

“The collection is in favor of Giovanna Mariotti, Matteo’s paternal aunt, who is currently joining him in Australia together with his father Michele Mariotti.”


An image of Matteo fighting off the shark / Image via Instagram/matteo_mariotti

Over €61,500 had been raised for the 20-year-old at the point in which donations to the GoFundMe page were suspended.

In an update, its organisers said: “Michele’s father and aunt Giovanna (beneficiary) have just arrived in Australia.

“We have now suspended donations until we know with certainty what the insurance he had taken out in Italy will cover and what the actual health needs are.

“We thank those who have supported the initiative promoted by the kids from Matteo’s town so far.”

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