Met Éireann predicts temperatures to drop to as low as -4 this weekend 1 year ago

Met Éireann predicts temperatures to drop to as low as -4 this weekend

What is winter's favourite comedian? Bill Brrrrrrr.

Wrap up warm folks, because while winter may not have come how we expected it to in Game Of Thrones, it is arriving exactly how we anticipated it would right here in Ireland.


Doesn't it feel like only last week we were "complaining" that it was still unseasonably warm? And look at us now, scrambling through our winter wardrobe's looking for the warmest jumpers and cardigans and hoodies we can get our gloved hands on.

Anyways, earlier in the week, Met Éireann was predicting that temperatures would drop to as low as -3 both tonight (Friday) and Sunday night.

So, in a way, we've got both good news and bad news for you.

Good news: Met Éireann is now predicting that tonight will only get as cold as -2. So... there's that.

However, on the bad news front: Sunday night is expected to get as cold as -4, with the specific description for the night being "very cold and frosty, with a risk of icy patches. Mist and fog patches also." Fantastic.

The night in between, Saturday, will drop to between 0 and 4 degrees, so relatively balmy and it will pretty much stay this cold until about Tuesday night, but from midweek on, things will take a turn for the slightly warmer, but at the exchange of bringing rain with it.

Hold your loved ones close, because the snuggle is real.