Met Éireann says the weather this week will be "unseasonably cold" 1 week ago

Met Éireann says the weather this week will be "unseasonably cold"

You would be wise to wrap up this week.

Met Éireann has warned that Ireland is set for a spell of "unseasonably cold" weather this week.


The weather forecaster says it will be "colder than normal this week with some late-season frost".

The forecast comes as the UK Met Office has issued a snow and ice warning for Northern Ireland.

It's valid from 10pm on Easter Monday to 10am on Tuesday.

For the Republic of Ireland, Easter Monday will be a cold day everywhere with brisk northerly winds and scattered wintry showers, including hail.

Temperatures will range from just 4 to 7 degrees, with an added wind chill factor too.

It will be mostly dry at first tonight with long clear spells, before scattered wintry showers push down from the north, becoming most frequent over Ulster and Connacht.

It will be very cold with temperatures of -2 to +1 degrees and a widespread frost developing.


Tuesday will be another unseasonably cold day as brisk northerly winds and scattered wintry showers persist, again bringing the risk of hail.

Munster and south Leinster will stay driest with showers mainly confined to eastern coasts in the afternoon, with sunny spells occurring throughout the day too.

Temperatures will range 4 to 7 degrees, with an added wind chill factor again.

On Tuesday night, showery outbreaks of rain will occur, possibly turning wintry for a time across the north of Ulster.

Temperatures of -3 to +1 degrees are predicted, along with a slight to sharp frost.


It will become less cold on Wednesday with temperatures ranging from 8 to 10 degrees.

Yet, it will still be generally cloudy with scattered outbreaks of rain, with the southwest set to remain driest.

On Wednesday night, rain will mainly affect the northwest, with conditions staying largely dry elsewhere under broken cloud.

Frost will set in where skies remain clear and it will be coldest in the south and east, with temperatures somewhere between -1 to 4 degrees.


On Thursday, it will be cloudy and breezy with scattered outbreaks of rain or drizzle.

Temperatures will range from 8 to 10 degrees with winds becoming strong on northwestern coasts.

A band of rain will move down from the northwest in the early evening.

Clearer and colder weather will follow later with some wintry showers moving into the north towards morning.


Temperatures are predicted to be somewhere between 0 to 3 degrees as some frost sets in.

Friday will be another cold day with sunny spells and brisk winds dragging down a scattering of wintry showers, most frequent across Ulster.

Temperatures will range from 5 to 9 degrees with an added wind chill factor.

It will then be very cold on Friday night, despite long clear spells, as temperatures fall between -4 to 0 degrees.

There will also be widespread sharp to severe frost and a few fog patches.