Omagh residents baffled by mysterious humming noise plaguing town 3 months ago

Omagh residents baffled by mysterious humming noise plaguing town

Can you hear that?

If you happen to be walking through the lovely streets of a certain Northern Irish town, you may be distracted by a strange humming noise you can't quite place. Don't worry, it's not just you.


As it turns out, the entirety of Omagh in Tyrone is experiencing a very strange phenomenon in the form of a mysterious humming noise, since late October.

The low-frequency noise is described as sounding like a car or truck engine idling outside your home or down the street, with some people also defining it as a low rumbling or droning sound.

While mystery still surrounds the noise, experts have been called in to investigate and get to the bottom of the mild annoyance.

Alliance councillor Stephen Donnelly raised the issue after he received multiple reports from Omagh locals, who talked about it bringing a "significant degree of discomfort."


Speaking on RTÉ Radio, Mr Donnelly said he requested an investigation by the council, who have since confirmed that "there is a legitimate issue, particularly in the Coolnagard area of the terrain."

He added: "From that point, they've not been able to identify the actual source or potential sources of the noise.

"But they have confirmed that it is there and from this point going forward, they're going to have to procure additional specialist equipment to be able to properly zone in and identify where the noise is coming from."

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Mysterious Omagh hum experienced all over the world

A similar hum has been a recorded phenomenon across the globe for decades, with notable reports from the likes of Ontario in Canada and Auckland in New Zealand

Some people have suggested that the noise could be of extraterrestrial origin, however Mr Donnelly has dismissed them.


"I appreciate that whenever a story like this is draped in mystery and intrigue, it can be quite fun to kind of entertain different theories.

"But the thing that I always say to people is, don't trust the conspiracy theories.

"What is a fun problem will undoubtedly have a very boring explanation in time. And I have no doubt that this will be the same."

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