New €50 note goes into circulation in Ireland tomorrow 4 years ago

New €50 note goes into circulation in Ireland tomorrow

A new €50 note will go into distribution across Ireland and all of Europe from tomorrow.

According to the Central Bank, the new note has new security features will will more protection against counterfeiters.


Their reports indicate that there are around €37 billion worth of fake notes in circulation around Europe at the moment.

Last year the Central Bank identified approximately 307,000 counterfeit €50 notes, but they say that the total number of counterfeit notes in 2016 represented less than .0001% of all notes.

These new notes - which are similar to the new €5, €10 and €20 notes put into circulation in recent years - will feature a 'look, feel and tilt' method to check if they are fake or not.

Look: a portrait window will contain a hologram of the Greek figure Europa, which becomes transparent when held against the light. There will also be a portrait watermark of the same figure.

Feel: there will be raised lines along the side of the note, which will also help the visually impaired to recognise the fradulant notes.

Tilt: the colour of the number 50 changes when you tilt the note, going from green to blue.

There will also be additional security measures that will be checked by the Central Bank alone.