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14th Sep 2023

Fraudsters using new scam tactic on Bank of Ireland customers

Rory Fleming

Bank of Ireland

The scam has already seen success for fraudsters in other countries.

A new scam is being used by fraudsters to get banking customers to hand over remote access to their accounts, Bank of Ireland has warned.

Detailing the scam, Bank of Ireland said that it begins with a customer receiving a call from someone claiming to be an employee of the bank, who then asked the customer to log into their online account.

The scammer will then attempt to redirect the customer to a new web address which they claim is a “live chat service.” Although, this new link will actually give the fraudsters access to the customers screen instead.

With the ability to now view all of the customers personal details, the scammers will create payments on the customer’s accounts and ask them to read out one-time codes to approve the payments.

Bank of Ireland have warned customers that of a new tactic being used by fraudsters. (Credit: Getty Images)

Fraudsters using new scam tactic on Bank of Ireland customers:

This scheme has already been seen across other European banks, in the UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Bank of Ireland added that should customers receive a call or be asked to click on a link they should hang up or exit the online chat.

“If someone asks you for a one-time code from your online banking app, they are a fraudster. Never, ever share those codes with anyone, even if they say they are from Bank of Ireland.

“We are urging customers, especially business customers, to be on their guard at this time,” Nicola Sadlier, Bank of Ireland’s head of fraud said.

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