Passengers warned that Dublin Airport situation is simply "unpredictable" 1 month ago

Passengers warned that Dublin Airport situation is simply "unpredictable"

"The security queue problem hasn't gone away."

Those travelling out of Dublin Airport have been warned that there are still some lengthy queues for security.


Last month, the Dublin Airport Authority was advising passengers to arrive at least there hours before their flights, but said that the conditions started to improve as time went on.

However, it seems passengers may still be facing delays at the airport.

Earlier this morning, travel specialist Eoghan Corry told Newstalk that the situation remains "unpredictable".

"The security queue problem hasn't gone away," Corry said.


"They did a lot to try and organise it with rostering, and with different facilities put in to make sure people were in the right queue and ready. But the problem is it's unpredictable - it can be great today and horrible tomorrow."

He reiterated the advice to passengers to arrive two and-a-half hours before a short-haul flight, and three and-a-half hours before a long haul flight.

"People aren't missing their aircraft as they did in the first week," Corry said.

The travel expert's comments come a day after passengers took to Twitter to complain about lengthy queues in the airport.


Earlier this year, Dublin Airport was officially named Europe's second most stressful airport, after London Heathrow.

In a statement shared a month ago, the Dublin Airport Authority addressed the issue of passengers missing their flights despite arriving at the airport hours in advance.

They maintained that the delays were related to a number of operational issues associated with the resumption of international travel amidst the ongoing Covid pandemic.

These issues included the recruitment, training and mandatory background checks required for all new staff working at the airport.


The DAA assured the public that they are "re-doubling their efforts" to hire more staff.

For the latest updates, head to Dublin Airport's official website right here.

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