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12th Aug 2014

Pic: Have we just found the best boss in Ireland?

What. A. Legend.

Eoghan Doherty

What. A. Legend.

Well this is nice, isn’t it? Sent into us by JOE reader Paul Brennan this morning, this very simple but brilliant text reply is one that we can all hope to get from our own boss at work (or Bruce Springsteen by the looks of it).

Paul explains, “The wife sent a message to her boss this morning saying she was going to be late . She didn’t expect this reply. She sent me a picture of the message with the caption ‘If Carlsberg did bosses.'”

Just check out Mary the boss’s excellent reply below. What a legend…

boss message

Right, we’re off to text Bossman JOE. Fingers crossed.

Hat-tip to Paul Brennan for sending this into [email protected].

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