PIC: People love this band's foul-mouthed rejection of The Sun, after they were tipped for big things 6 years ago

PIC: People love this band's foul-mouthed rejection of The Sun, after they were tipped for big things

No messing here...

As 2017 kicks off, many people and publishers around the world are making their predictions for the upcoming year and highlighting the bands, artists and stars who they believe will make a big impact over the next 12 months.


One band, however, didn't take too kindly to the news that The Sun had chosen them as one of their "artists expected to be the next big thing in the new year."

In a fantastically expletive-laden post, Cabbage, from Manchester, made it clear that they wanted absolutely nothing to do with the paper's (AKA "FUCKING MORONS") championing of them.

Check it out...


In case you can't see those posts, here's what the band had to say...

The Sun championed us as a top tip for 2017. WHAT FUCKING MORONS. Read into the lyrics and you'll find how much we despise your odious, backward nationalism, Tory sucking cuntshipness. THIS IS YOUR MEDIA. They pay no attention to what is real, they exploit every single one of you and affect the way you think, everyone has a member of family or a friend affected by this awful repeated propaganda, It's a crime. Don't buy the sun, Don't even walk past it without burning it or spitting on it. They try to tell you what to think and harass true visionaries, artists and anyone who stands up to this fucking web of hate and profit. Murdoch will lead us into world wide demise. And for what.... Money and Power!


Judging from the amount of likes and Retweets their posts have already received, it's pretty obvious that people support their to-the-point message.

They weren't the only ones to complain, as another top tip from The Sun, Declan McKenna, also expressed his disapproval at being included...

But what do Cabbage actually sound like? Here's a wee taster of the band's single 'Kevin' to see what all the foul-mouthed fuss is about.

Looks like 2017 is already off to a flyer for them...


Clip via Play & Record Records