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17th Aug 2023

‘No plans for Ryan to return’ – RTÉ Director-General ends Tubridy negotiations

Patrick McCarry

Ryan Tubridy

“It is my view that trust between the parties has broken down.”

Director-General of RTÉ, Kevin Bakhurst has this evening [Thursday, August 17] confirmed that RTÉ has concluded negotiations with Ryan Tubridy.

Tubridy finished up as host of The Late Late Show in May but stepped down from his Radio One show after news of the RTÉ salary scandal broke. Bakhurst said: 

“We went into negotiations with Ryan in good faith and in the hopes of reaching an agreement that would see Ryan return to his RTÉ Radio 1 show. I have decided not to continue with negotiations and, as such, there are no plans for Ryan to return to his presenting role with RTÉ at this time.

“Despite having agreed some of the fundamentals, including fee, duration and hours, regretfully, it is my view that trust between the parties has broken down. Public statements made without consultation appear to question the basis for the necessary restatement of fees paid for services for 2020 and 2021.

“As I set about a programme of recovery from this crisis, it is imperative that all parties are aligned in one key respect: the misstatement of fees should never have happened; and the correct re-statement of those fees is accepted by all.

“I have been clear since I took up the role of Director-General of RTÉ that I am absolutely committed to restoring trust in this organisation following a shameful period in our history. To achieve this, and fully draw a line between our recent past and present, we must acknowledge and accept the issues that have arisen.”

“Who knows what the future holds,” Bakhurst concluded, “but for now I am concluding the negotiation with Ryan, and focusing on delivering a range of important changes to the operation and culture of this organisation as part of the essential work to restore trust in RTÉ.”

Ryan TubridyKevin Bakhurst & Ryan Tubridy have ended negotiations on a possible RTE return.

*Pictures by Rolling News

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