Ryanair warns Irish holidaymakers of flight cancellations amid strikes 4 months ago

Ryanair warns Irish holidaymakers of flight cancellations amid strikes

The Irish airline has apologised to customers who have been impacted by the strikes.

Irish airline Ryanair issued an apology to customers yesterday who had their summer holiday plans scuppered by strikes.


Due to industrial action taken by Italian air traffic control workers, a number of flights to and from the region were cancelled at short notice.

Similarly, more flights could be cancelled today, with further strikes amongst Belgian and Spanish air traffic controllers planned.

At least 44 flights were cancelled to Italy as of Saturday morning, with the potential for up to 140 routes to be cancelled by the end of the weekend.

The most severely impacted destinations by yesterday's Italian strikes were Naples, Marche, Pisa and Treviso.


Ryanair Holidaymakers have seen their travel plans scuppered this weekend due to air traffic control strikes on the continent. (Credit: Getty Images)

Ryanair issues apology to passengers:

Flights to Spanish cities of Girona and Valencia were also cancelled, with the Portuguese capital Lisbon another set to be negatively impacted.


Air traffic control workers and pilots are striking across the continent this weekend due to disputes over working hours, pay and staffing concerns.

Ryanair notified affected customers yesterday of their flight's cancellation via email, SMS text and Push notification, and will do the same today to impacted travellers.

In a statement, the airline said;

"We sincerely apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused... (it's) beyond our control".


Ryanair also added that passengers who see their flight cancelled will have the option to transfer their flights to next week or alternatively receive a full refund.

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