US Press Secretary "injured" by North Korean officials 3 years ago

US Press Secretary "injured" by North Korean officials

Video footage emerged of Stephanie Grisham getting into a "scuffle" with North Korean officials.

Footage has emerged of US Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham getting into a physical altercation with North Korean officials, while President Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


A source close to CNN has reported that "an all out brawl" with North Korean officials took place as American and North Korean tried to get in to view the meeting.

Grisham was "bruised a bit in the scuffle", they added.

Reports also suggest that she was later seen looking no worse for wear as she accompanied President Trump.

A short clip of the incident can be found here:


Clip via Washington Post

Grisham can be heard saying "I need help here" at one point in the video.

Trump and his staff are in North Korea to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, making him the first sitting US President to set foot on North Korean soil.


Grisham was only given the job as White House Press Secretary last week, replacing Sarah Sanders, following a two year stint as the communications director for first lady Melania Trump.