WATCH: Scary footage of a plane aborting a landing attempt in high winds at Dublin Airport 3 years ago

WATCH: Scary footage of a plane aborting a landing attempt in high winds at Dublin Airport

You can see why a number of flights have been cancelled.

Storm Ali is has has had a big impact throughout Ireland on Wednesday.


Flights have been cancelled, as was the second day of the National Ploughing Championship, transport services have been messed disrupted, and loads of homes were left without power.

And this video shows exactly how serious the situation was at Dublin Airport.

In the footage below, a Ryanair plane that had departed from Brussels can be seen coming in to Dublin Airport, before aborting an initial attempt at a landing at the last minute...

Kirsten Jongberg was on the plane and referred to it as the worst flight of her life, telling JOE: "There was much screaming and crying from passengers, but pilots guided us in safely on second attempt.


"We circled for ages before being authorised to land, then the turbulence hit us. The plane would suddenly drop and passengers would groan and scream.

"We were all hoping it would be over soon and we’re happy to see that we were getting close to landing.

"At the last minute the engines roared and the pilot took us into an emergency ascent. Everyone was hanging onto the seat in front of them.

"The pilot came on to apologise and say we would be attempting a second landing and that we should follow any crew instructions.


"We circled a bit and headed into the turbulence again. Everyone was very tense."

Thankfully, the plane was able to successfully land at the second time of asking.

"We had a few hairy moments when the plane dropped again and swayed heavily coming in, but we finally landed," Kirsten said.

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