'Window shopping' Ryan Tubridy appears on Chris Evans' radio show and teases UK move 2 months ago

'Window shopping' Ryan Tubridy appears on Chris Evans' radio show and teases UK move

In his first radio appearance since the secret payments scandal broke, Evans described Tubridy as an 'absolute legend of Irish broadcasting'.

Ryan Tubridy appeared on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show in the UK on Wednesday morning (6 September), with Evans stating that the former RTÉ host was "window shopping".


Introducing Tubridy on his programme, the English presenter described his guest as an "absolute legend of Irish broadcasting".

Evans then quizzed the Irish host about potentially joining him at Virgin Media Radio, asking him: "Welcome aboard, when do you start?" to which Tubridy jokingly replied "Tuesday, half 10".

"I'm looking at property prices, maybe buying a bike, attending my first car fest. I mean, who knows?" Tubridy added.

Asked to tell listeners about himself, the former RTÉ presenter explained: “So, I worked at the Irish national broadcaster for about 20 years, presented what was called the longest running chat show in the world - The Late Late Show.


"Think of it as the TARDIS. I was the third Doctor and did that for 14 years and did radio for another 20 years.

"Loved, loved, loved it and then came over to London some years ago, met you. Filled in for you a couple of mornings, filled in for whoever it was Graham [Norton], Terry Wogan.

"When they were stuck for an Irish lilt, they said: ‘Tubridy, get over here’.


Ryan Tubridy appeared on Chris Evans' radio show on Wednesday morning

During the segment, Tubridy recounted how Evans once gifted him with a ticket for a Beatles concert that the legendary band never played.

He explained that Irish presenter Gerry Ryan later met Paul McCartney after a gig and got the Beatles bandmate to sign Tubridy's ticket and that the latter got the autographed ticket framed and made into a "shrine" in his home.

Tubridy also told Evans' programme about another special gift he was given by a celebrity, this time to mark his final episode as host of The Late Late Show.


“On the last Late Late Show, I got a gift from, now this is a real name drop… obviously U2 are Irish, they are a great band," he said.

'When the last couple of presenters finished their Late Late Show, they gave them a gift of, like a Harley Davidson or something.

"So Bono turned around and said: ‘Ryan, you're not a rocker, you're a mod.' He's right. I like all that sort of style.

"So they gifted me - there's only one I think - a red electric Vespa that's arriving at my house tomorrow. It's the U2 Vespa, I am so excited.

"They have the reg as something mad like ‘RT U2 love’. So, that’s my boast for the day.”

Following Tubridy's appearance on Evans' radio show, the former Late Late host posted a photo of himself, Evans and fellow guest on the programme Damian Lewis all together.


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Tubridy's radio guest spot follows him meeting up with controversial presenter Piers Morgan this week.

"The sacked presenter club! Great to see Ireland’s biggest TV star Ryan Tubridy in London today and excited to see what he does next," Morgan wrote on Twitter, along with posting a picture of the pair together.

"RTE’s loss will definitely be someone else’s gain…"

Last month, the Director-General of RTÉ Kevin Bakhurst confirmed that Tubridy would not be coming back to his RTÉ Radio 1 show after the latter became embroiled in the broadcaster's secret payments scandal.

While there had been discussions between Bakhurst and Tubridy about a potential return to the airwaves for the host, the Director-General said that talks between the two broke down.

Since then, many have wondered what will be next for the presenter, with reports suggesting that he could take up a role at Irish station Classic Hits Radio or UK channel GB News.

Tubridy, meanwhile, posted a cryptic video on Instagram recently in which he teased "a new beginning".

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