Cold, unsettled and sometimes not-that-cold week on the weather front 8 months ago

Cold, unsettled and sometimes not-that-cold week on the weather front

Winter is here, baby.

With a status yellow low temperature warning in place as of 9pm on Sunday night, you're likely feeling a chill right about now.

No getting around it guys; it's the middle of November. We're just going to have to get used to it.

Speaking of, how does the coming week look?

The short answer is 'not terrible but not great', essentially.

Met Éireann's latest forecast teases an unsettled enough run of days, though things should get a little bit milder as the week progresses.

The rough summary is as follows:

Monday 18 November

A very cold start to the day characterised by frost and freezing fog, with said fog potentially slow to clear off. Afternoon-wise, things look dry and bright and there's even some sunny spells on the horizon with highest temperatures of 6 to 9 degrees.

Rain is expected to hit at night, however, gradually moving from the southwest towards the east. Minimum temperatures of 2 to five degrees in the south and west, but between zero and minus 2 in the north and east, so wrap up accordingly.

Tuesday 19 November

More rain. Unreal.

Met Éireann notes that outbreaks of rain will hit "much of the western half of the country" to kick Tuesday off, before heading eastwards. Once that clears, you can enjoy some sunny spells and isolated showers in Connaught and Munster.

Highest temperatures look vaguely alright for November, too, with 7 to 10 degrees forecast. Rain should die down in the northeast coast by the evening, but the south coast won't be so fortunate. Lows of zero to plus 2 degrees.

Wednesday 20 November

Rain! Bit of a pattern here, admittedly.

Brace yourself for the fun contrast of heavy showers - widespread, apparently - and bright spells. Max temperatures of 7 to 10 once again. It will remain showery for the evening but temperatures shouldn't dip below 3 or 4 degrees.

As for Thursday and Friday, early indicators appear to be 'more of the same', really, with a handful of sunny spells and - wait for it - frequent blasts of rain.

Temperatures should stick in and around the 7 to 10 degree area, so there's that, at least.