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Statistics from weather stations all over Ireland this weekend make for very grim reading
Welcome to Ireland in November.

The good news is it’s going to be brighter, if a good bit colder, today.

You only needed to look out the window in most of the country to see that Saturday was a bit miserable and stats from Met Éireann only go to prove just how miserable it was.

On Saturday night, Met Éireann provided a sample of the total sunshine hours recorded at six weather stations across the country and only in Casement Aerodrome in Baldonnel in Dublin was there any sunshine recorded at all.

Even at that, it’s hardly like the sun was splitting the stones there either…

Thankfully, today is forecast to be much better and much brighter, with dry and sunny conditions forecast in most of the country, but with highest temperatures reaching no more than 9 degrees, you might want to wrap up well if you’re out and about.


As had been flagged earlier in the week, meanwhile, tonight will be the coldest one we’ve had for some time, with temperatures dropping to as low as -2 degrees before milder conditions, with no shortage of rain to go with them, return from early next week.

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