Live weather updates, warnings and advice as Ireland goes through massive cold snap 3 months ago

Live weather updates, warnings and advice as Ireland goes through massive cold snap

Stay as wrapped up and warm as possible, gang.

Ireland is experiencing a pre-Christmas cold snap that it has not seen in just over a decade. Our live weather updates will keep you up to speed on all the latest Met Éireann warnings, posts, advice, predictions and disruptions.


Temperatures have already reached -7 in parts of Ireland, overnight, and are expected to get even lower before the weekend.

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As per Met Éireann here are the latest weather updates, on a national outlook, for Wednesday and Thursday:

Wednesday (day)

Frost and ice lingering in many areas today. It will be mostly dry with long spells of winter sunshine. However, a few showers will affect northern and eastern coastal fringes. Highest temperatures of -1 to +3 degrees in moderate northeast breezes.

Thursday (overnight/morning)

Very cold tonight with widespread frost and ice. Lowest temperatures falling below -5 degrees widely, reaching -8 or -9 degrees in some Midland areas by Thursday morning. It will remain generally clear and dry in a light northerly breeze, though there will be a few showers in the north and northwest, falling as sleet and snow at times.

Thursday (day)

Temperatures on Thursday will remain below freezing during the morning everywhere, with some parts of the midlands staying well below freezing through the day, in the afternoon temperatures generally will be between zero and plus 2 degrees, a few degrees higher on coasts. It'll be mainly dry and sunny. There will be a few wintry showers in the north and northwest. Winds will be light northwesterly.

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