World's largest bottle of whisky sold at auction for €1.29 million 1 year ago

World's largest bottle of whisky sold at auction for €1.29 million

The bottle is nearly six feet tall and holds 311 litres.

The world's largest bottle of Scotch whisky has been sold at auction for a whopping £1.1 million (€1.29 million).


The bottle, named the Intrepid, went under the hammer on Wednesday (25 May).

The bottle is 5ft 11 inches tall, and filled with 311 litres of 32-year-old single-malt whisky.

It contains the equivalent of 444 standard bottles, which means the buyer paid £2,477.48 per bottle.

The Intrepid was created as a collaboration between Fah Mai and Rosewin Holdings, with the whiskey being distilled at The Macallan in Speyside in northern Scotland in 1989.


The project was headed by Daniel Monk, who created the bottle as a tribute to the memory of his father Captain Stanley Monk, an explorer.

The bottle features images of 11 famous explorers, including Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Dr. Geoff Wilson, Karen Darke, Olly Hicks, Sarah Outen, Dwayne Fields, Levison Wood, Felicity Aston, Jamie Ramsay and Will Copestake.

"For me and the whole team The Intrepid project has always been about more than money," Daniel said.


"This is a passion project to celebrate the life of my late father, Captain Stanley Monk, who was himself an explorer and achieved many amazing things during his life.

"Today (25 May) would have been his birthday so it was a perfect date to put The Intrepid up for auction.

“The Intrepid project has been an adventure from the start. I wanted to do something positive over lockdown and the whole team has worked extremely hard with me to make it happen.

"I started contacting explorers during lockdown to get them on board and found people who could make and fill the largest bottle of Scotch whisky and together we have achieved the dream.


"I’d like to thank everyone involved in The Intrepid project, which is dedicated to the spirit and experience of exploration and adventure."

Explorers on the bottle chose charities that the project would support, including Marie Curie, and Campaign Against Living Miserably.

If you fancy a taste of the largest bottle of whisky, a collection of bottle sets and miniatures will be on sale using the remaining whiskey from the same casks used to fill the record-breaking bottle.

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