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02nd Dec 2020

Donald Trump seems to indicate he will run for Presidency again in 2024

At the White House Christmas party, the departing Donald Trump seemingly indicated that he will run for the US Presidency again in 2024

Alex Roberts

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“I’ll see you again in four years”, Trump said.

The departing Donald Trump has seemingly indicated that he will run for the US Presidency again in 2024.

Trump is on his way out of the White House after losing the recent election to Joe Biden – but if reports are to be believed, it won’t be the last you see of him.

Biden gained 306 Electoral College votes, taking him well over the 270 threshold needed to win.

Although Trump has not formally conceded defeat to Biden (displaying all the grace and decorum of Jane from THAT Come Dine With Me episode), Trump is believed to be privately discussing his plans to run for election again in 2024.

These rumours look to be corroborated by footage from the White House Christmas party which took place on Tuesday.

According to Politico and the various US media to have reported on Trump’s Christmas party, he said:

“It’s been an amazing four years. We are trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years.”

In his speech, Trump again asserted unsubstantiated claims about the presidential election being rigged. None of these claims have been verified.

He is also believed to have dismissed any notion of Biden receiving credit for developing the Covid-19 vaccine, adding: “The vaccine was me”. Pfizer-BioNTech would probably take issue with that.

Certain sections of the American media claim that Donald Trump is set to announce his intention of running for the presidency in 2024 on the same date of Joe Biden’s inauguration – January 20th.

In the wake of his election defeat, Trump called for various states to undergo a recount as he believed the postal ballot was fraudulent and illegitimate.

In states such as Wisconsin, a recount did go ahead – but Biden actually gained votes. Not quite the outcome Trump would have wanted.

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