Gabby Logan perfectly deals with Twitter trolls 6 years ago

Gabby Logan perfectly deals with Twitter trolls

Well played.

Gabby Logan is always a welcome presence on our TV screens and the former Welsh international gymnast had a busy summer presenting the BBC's coverage of the Rio Olympics and more.


You may know that Terry Yortah, Gabby's father, was a former Welsh international who spent the best part of a decade playing for Leeds, the city where Gabby was born. Having spent over 20 years in sports broadcasting, Logan was naturally a keen observer of Scotland's emphatic 5-1 win over Malta in their World Cup qualifying match.

While Malta might be considered a 'smaller' nation in football terms, some people felt the need to point out their perceived 'minnow' status after this tweet was sent- despite the fact that Malta only lost 1-0 to both Italy and Croatia recently.


Logan was quick to remind her Twitter followers that England were also expected to beat a so called 'smaller' nation when they faced Iceland at Euro 2016. The broadcaster also made reference to the sizeable differences in population between England and Scotland - not that this argument really holds any merit in international football.


After opening this can of worms, plenty of people were quick to hurl abuse at the TV presenter. To her credit, she kept her composure and sent this response.



Despite Logan's best efforts to put the issue to rest, some people still wanted to chip away on the issue of her international allegiances. We think that she won this round.