Something tells us Joe Brolly isn't a fan of RTE's artsy Mayo v Kerry promo 6 years ago

Something tells us Joe Brolly isn't a fan of RTE's artsy Mayo v Kerry promo

When you think of the GAA, a lot of things come to mind.

Dolphins majestically flying out of the ocean as Mike Patton's sonorous rendition of Commodores' classic Easy gently caresses your eardrums.


Fun-lovin' young'ins in swimsuits playing with a beach ball on golden sands.

Auld lads donning flat caps scaling a moderately steep hillock.

A priest corralling basket-carrying donkeys down a windy rural road.

Oh no wait, these aren't the first things that come to anyone's mind when they think of Ireland's national games at all. They aren't even the 174th things that will enter anyone's noggin after you see an O'Neill's song. However, these were the clips RTE decided to unearth from their archives for their 'out there' promo of the All-Ireland senior football semi-final between Mayo and Kerry, which you can have a gawk at below.


That was a bit strange, right? Innovation is cool, it should always be encouraged and all, but that was just very weird altogether.

If there was anyone else looking at the video with you, we hope you made a mental note of their face. If for nothing else, you could compare it to the expression Joe Brolly pulled when he saw the promo from the RTE studio before throw-in.


Eyes wide, head shake, hands outstretched...

We're no experts in body language, but we're pretty damn sure he was a huge fan of it!