Reports suggest Conor McGregor will walk away from MMA after UFC 205 6 years ago

Reports suggest Conor McGregor will walk away from MMA after UFC 205

This would be huge...

We recently heard that Conor McGregor would have a massive "left-field" announcement following UFC 205 with speculation mounting as to what it could be.


Reports have now begun to circulate that McGregor will step away from MMA following his title fight with Philadelphia's Eddie Alvarez.

While we have no official word yet what the announcement will be, a report from (via has said that McGregor will take a prolonged break from MMA following UFC 205.

The report cites strained relationships at home due to the stress of multiple press conferences, interviews, TV obligations and training. As a result, The Notorious will walk away from the sport for a significant amount of time "to get his life in order."

This would mean relinquishing his current featherweight title and, if he is successful at UFC 205, his lightweight title as well.


This is all speculation at this stage and it could be just McGregor pursuing other ventures outside of the UFC for short period before making a return.

Respected MMA journalist Ariel Helwani, a man renowned for having the inside track on many announcements, has spoken very little on the subject apart from saying it's not an MMA related announcement. He also said it's not about retirement and it's not about giving up the featherweight belt.

It's difficult to know what the announcement will actually be, but it's not unlike McGregor to hype up a big reveal, remember he proclaimed he was retired on social media just a few short months ago?

Maybe it's about a fight with this man...