Video: NHL star breaks leg on goal post 9 years ago

Video: NHL star breaks leg on goal post

The fact Steve Stamkos tries to get back on his feet twice after this is incredible

Steven Stamkos may not be very well known over here but he is a superstar in north America. The Canadian is the joint leading goals scorer, and points scorer, in the NHL this year and he was expected to be one of the key players around which Canada built their Olympic team for the Sochi Games, which kick off in three months.


So Canada is in a state of shock today as they cope with the news that Stamkos broke his leg yesterday, and may miss the biggest hockey tournament in the world next year.

While playing for the Tampa Bay Lightning against the Boston Bruins, Stamkos accidentally slid into the post. Normally, with all the gear hockey players wear and the mobile nature of the posts, these sorts of collisions don’t result in serious injury but Stamkos got very unlucky indeed.

As you can see in the rather gruesome over head GIF below, his right leg bends back and breaks rather horribly, but despite that, as you can see in the video, Stamkos makes not one, but two attempts to walk it off before eventually breaking down.



The player last night tweeted that he would be back as soon as possible but Stamkos, and all of Canada, face an anxious wait to see if he’ll be back in time for February.