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28th Sep 2018

EA Sports are doing something really sound for the Liam Miller fund in FIFA 19

Rudi Kinsella

FIFA 19 Liam Miller

What a nice thing to do.

FIFA 19 is finally out and football fans everywhere are absolutely chuffed.

If you weren’t blessed with a want of a right foot, or your fitness has gotten a bit worse over the years, you can always fall back on football video games like FIFA.

And it’s actually a really good game, which you can read more about here.

But if that’s not enough of a reason for you to buy the game, then this surely will be.

You can buy club-themed packs that include will tailor your copy of FIFA 19 to your favourite League of Ireland club.

You can get the sleeves for your copy of the game, or as a phone cover as well.

The Club Packs are free to download, and you can do so here.

And on top of this, €1 from every League of Ireland club pack downloaded from now until next Friday will be donated to the Liam Miller fund.

This is a really sound gesture from EA. Fair play to them.

EA SPORTS recommends that you print your sleeve using standard printer settings.

In case you need any more information on the etiquette of playing FIFA 19, you can read our ten unspoken rules of playing FIFA here.