Netflix puts Magnet top of the polls again 6 years ago

Netflix puts Magnet top of the polls again

Netflix has released an independent study on who the best internet provider to use is if you want to catch all the movies and TV Shows you can handle, with Magnet top of the polls again

Netflix is pretty much the biggest thing around these days, and having only been here since January 2012, we now look back and try to remember our lives before it arrived with great difficulty.

Every month, they release the results of their research into the best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across all the countries they operate in, and in Ireland, the winner was our good mates over at Magnet. But you don't have to just take our word for it, you can shoot over and check out the full listings on their ISP Speed Index.

Magnet are top of the polls again for the fifth time, and they've put together a few stats from the figures that the guys at Netflix released, showing who's speeding up and who's slowing down on their Fatpipe Fibre Blog right here.

So if you want to get the best out of your Netflix, head on over to the lads at Magnet and check out their packages. Not like that, we meant the internet deals you can get.