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30th Sep 2023

REVIEW: Samsung QN85C Neo QLED Smart TV has high-end visuals for mid-range prices

Rory Cashin


We’ve spent some time with the new Samsung TV, here are our findings…

We’ve spent some time with Samsung’s new offering, the QN85C Neo QLED Smart TV, and we’re happy to report that this might just be the must-buy for those looking for proper high-end visuals, but without breaking the bank that usually accompanies achieving those capabilities.

When we last reviewed a Samsung TV, their 2022 big release S95B QD OLED TV, it was retailing for almost double the asking price for QN85C, while the differences between what both sets seem infinitesimal to us. That last set was quite the sight to behold, but if anything, what we’ve experienced with the QN85C will be arguably even better for certain users.

Straight off the bat, the QLED uses Quantum Mini LEDs, which are lights that are approximately the size of a grain of sand. Samsung created them specifically to create deep blacks, boosted brightness levels, and intense detail and contrast in every aspect of the picture, and that is abundantly clear from what is presented on the screen.

We put the QN85C through the paces for streaming shows, playing video games and accessing YouTube, and on each occasion, it was never anything less than absolutely sumptuous to look at.


The QN85C is a must-buy for gamers

The set comes equipped with what is called a Neural Quantum Compressor 4K, Dolby Atmos and the Smart TV is covered by Tizen, Samsung’s own connection platform, so there is a lot going on behind the scenes every time you turn this on.

Despite that impressive set-up on the inside, the screen itself is startlingly slim, clocking in at just 28mm deep, so is ideal for wall mounting, but also comes equipped with a pedestal that makes sure it works with most home entertainment hubs.

As for the earlier mentioned certain users, this particular set seems primed to become the must-own for gamers. On the back off the screen, there are four HDMIs, all of which are 4K 120Hz capable, which means on top of connecting your set-top box and a Blu-Ray player, there are still enough left over for your PlayStation 5 and your Xbox Series X.

Added to that, the Tizen now comes equipped with a Gaming Hub, which will become the home for all your connected consoles as well as any cloud gaming, while the on-screen presentation also comes equipped with two additional viewing options: Game Mode, which seems to set your screen up for additional motion, while Game Motion Plus bumps that up even further.

Elsewhere, the sound from the set is excellent, automatically adjusting itself for whatever room it might be set up in and outputting to match that geography. The set also comes up with remote controls, both with native Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ buttons, but one designed with the voice-activated smart TV options in mind.

The 55-inch version of the Samsung QN85C Neo QLED Smart TV is currently retailing at €1,499, while the 65-inch retails at €2,099, the 75-inch for €3,299, and the 85-inch is available for €5,404.

Main image via Samsung

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