REVIEW: Dyson V15s Detect Submarine is the ultimate home cleaning device 1 week ago

REVIEW: Dyson V15s Detect Submarine is the ultimate home cleaning device

Would you be willing to pay nearly a grand for a do-all cleaning device?

When it comes to Dyson products, it is probably fair to say that everybody knows at least two things about them. (1) They are probably going to be the very best version of that item, and (2) they are probably going to be the most expensive version of that item.


We know them from their hairdryers to their vacuums to their air purifiers, all of them sleek and futuristic and, yes, expensive. With their latest product, the Dyson V15s Detect Submarine, they are looking to corner the market in a do-all cleaning device, as it is the company's first dry and wet cleaning item.

Need it to vacuum up every type of dirt and dust and hair, with specific nozzles and light systems and pressure systems for each of them? You got it, and it does it better than most. But do you also need it to properly wet-clean your hard floors? This one can do that too, and again, this does it fantastically well. But how much are you willing to pay for the ultimate equivalent of a brush and a mop?

Here is what comes in the box:

  • Digital Motorbar, Fluffy Optic & Wet Roller Head
  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Hair screw tool
  • Wall dock
  • Charger


The Dyson Submarine is the company's first wet AND dry cleaning device

First off, on the regular vacuum side of things, this is as close to perfect as Dyson products all tend to be. From the long-hair specific attachments, to the green-light illuminating up every microbe of dust on your floors, everything is here that you might want, and it all works exactly as well as you'd want and expect to it.

If you've ever owned a Dyson vacuum before, then you already know how great they are to use, from the very light weight to the way it feels almost too easy to direct and push during operation, and this latest edition is no different.


However, on the wet cleaning side of things, the Submarine does a lot right, but there are one or two niggles. Firstly, there seems to be only one setting for how wet the floors will be getting during this wet clean, and that is quite wet. Which means you'll be left waiting a while for things to dry off.

Additionally, while the clean itself is intense and noticeable, it does feel like you'll have to adopt a specific cleaning pattern in order to avoid streaks on either side of your current cleaning path. It is very suitable if you plan on doing the entire floor plan of your house in one go, but if you're looking to just clean up a small spill, it might be slightly more trouble than its worth to break out the big guns.

The Dyson V15s Detect Submarine is available from and Dyson Demo Zones in Ireland and the UK right now, priced at €899.99.

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