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13th Mar 2015

5 signs that you should quit your job and create your own start-up

It’s never too late to start-up

Oisin Collins

Have you always wanted to be your own boss?

A lot of entrepreneurs have one thing in common – they want to be their own boss. Maybe you do too, but you’re still not quite sure if you’re ready to quit your run of the mill 9-5 job and start up your own business.

So we’ve decided to run through five signs that it might be time to pack up and go it alone.

You don’t have money on your mind…

Money is a great driving factor, but as Sam Smith reminds us in one way or another, it should never be your only end goal.

If you’re only in it for the money, then you might find starting your own business to be a lot more difficult, as you may not be as willing to learn or take creative criticism to help improve your vision.

So if you have a start-up idea that you’d love to follow through with, regardless of the profit side of things, then maybe it’s time to write that letter of resignation.

Just don’t tell your boss that we told you to do so.

You have a burning desire to be the best at what you do

As well as wanting to be their own boss, a lot of successful start-ups get to where they are because the people running the show genuinely want to be the best at what it is they’re doing.

Take a look at how any potential competitor has succeeded since their initial start-up and use that as a benchmark for your own success.

Just don’t forget, it’s never about the money.

You can’t move any further in your current job

Moving up the chain of command can be difficult in some professions, while completely non-existent in others.

If you think your skills aren’t being used to their full potential and there’s absolutely no chance of a promotion, then it might be time to give yourself the mother of all promotions by making yourself the CEO of your own start-up.

There’s no point in letting your quality skills go to waste.


You’ve found a gap in the market

If you think you’ve found a gap in the market then do some in-depth research to find out if you really have found the Holy Grail of business ideas.

Don’t be put off by fellow start-ups with similar ideas and if you do come across someone starting off in the same field, find out how your company can provide something that your rival can’t.

You’re reading this piece…

If you’ve always wanted to start your own start-up and if you’re reading this piece then you already know what you should do next.

Humans are funny creatures and we often crave the approval of others before following through with a potentially life-changing task.

Well, it’s your life and no one else’s, so take our advice and do whatever makes you happy.

You never know where you could end up.