Moroccan-based Cork fan’s mighty trip to watch the All-Ireland final 10 years ago

Moroccan-based Cork fan’s mighty trip to watch the All-Ireland final

When his laptop let him down in north Africa, Rebel fan Michael Angland had a plan…

We all love stories of GAA fans going above and beyond the call of duty and today’s Irish Examiner has a brilliant story about one Cork hurling devotee.


Michael Angland is a Cork native and an Arabic student at Cambridge University. As part of that course he is spending some time in Fez, in Morocco and he had planned to watch Cork in action at Croke Park via a subscription to an online provider.

However, the 20-year-old realised on Saturday night that the payment would not go through until Monday, meaning he would not be able to see the Clare clash from the comfort of his house.

A quick search of pubs in the Moroccan cities of Casablanca and Tangier also drew a blank so Michael set off an epic trip, to Marbella in Spain.

“I left Fez at 1am on Sunday morning and got an overnight train to Tangier and arrived there at 6am,” he tells the Examiner.


“I had to get a bus to the port in Tangier and then I got a ferry from there at 10am, which was only €18. The ferry landed me in Algeciras in southern Spain at 1pm on Sunday afternoon.

“It was tight enough because when I arrived in Algeciras I had to get a two-hour bus out to the Marbella resort where I watched the game. I ran through the town to the bar and I just got into the bar five minutes before throw-in.”

As for whether he will do a similar trip for the replay, Michael tells the paper he will have his laptop sorted by then.