Poll: The First Date Challenge – JOE vs. Her.ie 8 years ago

Poll: The First Date Challenge – JOE vs. Her.ie

The time has come to choose your favourite ‘first date outfit’.

The lads of JOE and the girls of Her.ie have gotten together to pick out the perfect outfit for a first date from our mates at jacamo.ie, and we’ve made our decisions so it’s up to you to pick your favourite.


We here at JOE have gone for a Penguin crew neck jumper and a Southbay long sleeve denim shirt teamed with Label J Men’s chinos, a Voi multi belt and Hamnett Gold lace up Brogues. You can find out more about the complete outfit over here.

JOE.ie 1stDate-crop

As for the girls at Her.ie, they’ve gone for a Black Label Cotton Blazer and a Brave Soul shirt that they’ve put together with Jacamo Stretch Chinos and a pair of Voi Hi-Top Canvas shoes. You’ll find out more about the entire outfit over on Her.ie.

Her.ie 1stDate-crop


All that’s left to do now is tell us which outfit you’d prefer to wear on a first date. Don’t forget there’s sibling rivalry going on here so make sure to choose wisely (and by wisely we mean pick the JOE outfit, otherwise we’ll never hear the end of it).

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