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Roy Keane has another go at some of the Irish fans while John Delaney gets a lash too
As you’re probably aware Roy Keane has not enjoyed Euro 2012. He had another pop at some of the fans and John Delaney today.

As you’re probably aware Roy Keane has not enjoyed Euro 2012. He had another pop at some of the fans and John Delaney today.

In his column in The Sun today Roy Keane returned to the topic of the Irish fans and their behaviour at Euro 2012. As you can imagine, it will annoy some and ring true to others.

Firstly Keane addresses the accusation that he wanted fans to go mad and riot after the Spain game rather than sing. He says that is missing the point. The former Manchester United man says that the perception abroad is that we are “only interested in drinking and having a sing-song”. He goes on to say that perhaps that image is not great and he doesn’t think it helps create "a successful team on the pitch".

He goes on to say he doesn’t like seeing people dressed as leprechauns being interviewed on TV, especially if they have pints in their hands. He wants to hear some fans speak about what when wrong rather than hear from those "going out on the beer regadless of whether the team win or lose". Roy, of course, once dressed as a leprechaun to sell crisps on TV but we guess whoever edited Roy’s column today didn’t feel like bringing that up.

Keane then goes on to say that the behaviour of FAI chief executive John Delaney “doesn’t help matters”.

“Is it any wonder that people think we’re just there for the craic when the chief executive of the FAI is pictured dancing on tables or is videoed effing and blinding to Irish fans late at night to supporters who are the worse for wear.

“What other chief executive would carry on like that? We’re all entitled to a night out but do it discreetly. How can he be expected to be taken seriously? And how, as a nation, can we be expected to be taken seriously when we’re happy to go along with that image?”

As always with Roy, he makes a lot of sense but depending on your view of the Corkman, you will agree or disagree with some or all of the above.

Elsewhere in his column he also bemoans the decision to hand the captain’s armband to Damien Duff for the Italy game. To Roy it smacks of not taking the game seriously. Whatever about his views on other matters, it is hard to begrudge a great servant like Duff getting the honour of captaining his team on possibly his last ever appearance in green. But that's Roy for you.


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