Top stories on JOE today 10 years ago

Top stories on JOE today

With the sad news of the passing of James Galdofini there was a tribute from Cork, the lovely Kate Upton, and plenty of other stories today

Here are the biggest stories on JOE today.


6. The four Irish lads got their Lions test shirts from Ian McGeechan today, which made for a pretty great picture.

5. A Dublin woman is suing Coppers after she took a spill on the dance floor, but she's denying Dirty Dancing.

4. It looks like Frank Lampard is keeping the fitness up during the summer by cutting some silage in Waterford.

3. With the passing of James Gandolfini yesterday, this brilliant Cork versionĀ  of The Sopranos opening sequence had us remembering him fondly.


2. Simon Zebo was showing off his musical skills again, this time in a bar Down Under with his version of 'No Diggity'.

1. We don't need to say too much about this story, it's the lovely Kate Upton topless on a horse.

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