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05th Jun 2014

Video: Beats by Dre World Cup ad features virtually every footballer ever and is amazing

Five minutes of visual and aural pleasure, courtesy of Apple's new toy, Beats by Dre.


Five minutes of visual and aural pleasure, courtesy of Apple’s new toy, Beats by Dre.

We thought that Nike’s ‘Winner Stays’ ad wouldn’t be beaten for star power for quite a while. With Ronaldo, Zlatan, David Luiz and a sprinkling of UFC fighters, it was very cool and very entertaining.

But we think that this brand new Beats by Dre ad, called The Game Before The Game, is even better and even more star stuffed. All about the build up to a big game, for players and fans, it is five minutes long and not a second is wasted. It looks superb, the music, when it kicks in, by X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons, is class and the names they have in it are ridiculous.

The main man in Neymar but current stars Javier Hernandez, Mario Gotze, Daniel Sturridge, Cesc Fabregas, Luis Suarez, Bacary Sagna and RVP all show up in too. Big names who aren’t playing in Brazil, like Rio Ferdinand and Thierry Henry also make cameos while the likes of LeBron James, Lil Wayne and Serena Williams also pop up. Lord knows how much this cost to make but the $3.2billion that Apple handed over should just about cover it.