Video: Check out these epic football trick shots 7 years ago

Video: Check out these epic football trick shots

This guy has skills to pay the bills, in particular, the bill that the recycling company will send around for misuse of their bin


This lad, who goes my the handle FootballSkills9 on Twitter but who would also respond to the name Kieran if asked, we're sure, has taken to YouTube to show off some seriously slick football skills.

The video features a number of incredible shots, from beginner tricks to advanced ones, and he's issued a little challenge on the the YouTube video to see how many you can get at home. We got them all, clearly, because we're great.

This is the best use for a recycling bin that we've seen in a long time, bar actually using it for recycling of course. Everyone should play their part to take pollution down to zero, as Captain planet himself said