WATCH: Powerful new short captures how young people fall into the homelessness trap 6 years ago

WATCH: Powerful new short captures how young people fall into the homelessness trap

Brought to you by Focus Ireland. 

Bringing it home.


Focus Ireland have just released a powerful new short film that captures how young people can slip through the cracks when they leave state care.

Entitled “I Can’t Sleep,” it reveals the difference that a little bit of support can make. It tells the story of Lucy, a young girl whose struggle with homelessness is compared to the life she could lead with the support of Focus Ireland.

It's a moving look at the issues facing many of the 500 young people that leave state care every year.

Many will struggle to adapt and all too many end up homeless. Homelessness is at crisis levels in Ireland at the moment.


A recent report found that there were close to 8,000 homeless people in Ireland in June of this year. One in three people in emergency accommodation were children. Those are some pretty shocking statistics.

Luckily, there are some great organisations out there trying to make a difference. Focus Ireland works to prevent families, young people and individuals from having to experience homelessness. They also work with homeless people to try and identify supports and options that could help them to climb out of the homelessness trap.

How can you help?

Focus Ireland provide a vital service but the charity can't do it alone. So Focus are asking you to donate money to help them to help people who really need it. They also want you to make your voice heard by signing a petition to help fight against homelessness.


You can donate or sign the petition via the links below or donate €4 by texting HOME to 50300. Bord Gáis Energy has promised to match every €1 donated* to Focus Ireland so your donation will go even further than normal.

That €4 may not make much difference to you but it could make a huge difference to people who really need your help.

Focus Ireland is preventing young people from becoming homeless. When we prevent homelessness we can end homelessness and you can help. You can donate today or sign a petition which will help fight against homelessness in Ireland.


This media was paid for by Bord Gáis Energy. *BGE will match all donations up to a value of €60,000.  

Brought to you by Focus Ireland.