WATCH: Mr Tayto dazzles in his first ever Christmas advert 1 week ago

WATCH: Mr Tayto dazzles in his first ever Christmas advert

Brought to you by Tayto.

Sure, it wouldn't be Christmas without Tayto.


Ah Christmas. A time for family, for friends and for great food.

Of course, this holiday would not be complete without some great crisps, and Tayto has been a beloved part of the Irish Christmas experience since 1954.

For many families across Ireland, the iconic Tayto Christmas Box is a staple at Christmas time. This year, Tayto are due to sell over 1.2 million Christmas boxes, which means that one in two households will have a Tayto Box under their tree.

To celebrate this impressive feat, and ahead of Tayto's 70th year in operation, the brand has released their first ever Christmas advert, and it stars none other than Mr Tayto himself.


In an ad that's guaranteed to hit us all right in the feels, we see Santa Claus returning home after ensuring that every child around the world has a gift under their tree, but Mr Tayto takes it upon himself to ensure that Santa gets a gift too. You can watch it below.

Shot in a beautiful, cinematic style with music composed specially for this ad, this story celebrates the magic, excitement and generosity of Christmas. Trust us, you're bound to feel that festive spirit after giving this a watch.


As the star of the company's first ever Christmas advert, Mr Tayto dazzles, and we can now look forward to a brand new tradition to mark the start of the festive period each year.

Indeed, the holidays call for great snacks, and whether you prefer Cheese and Onion, Salt and Vinegar or Smokey Bacon, there's no denying that a flavoursome bag of Tayto can go a long way at the Christmas dining table. We snack on them before our turkey and in the days after Christmas, we'll always find a place for a handful of Tayto in our leftover sambos. It really wouldn't be Christmas without Tayto.