Revolut’s new features sound ideal for small businesses 3 years ago

Revolut’s new features sound ideal for small businesses

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Freelancer or small business owner? These features will come in very handy indeed.


Over 500,000 people in Ireland and over 10 million people around the globe have discovered just how much easier control over their finances is with Revolut.

Since 2017, over 300,000 businesses around the globe have been benefitting from that convenience for their business needs.

The appeal of Revolut Business, which allows companies to sign up for multi-currency accounts in minutes, transfer money cheaply and easily and issue employees with corporate cards for global fee-free spending, doesn’t just apply to big business, however.

It’s just as useful for smaller companies or even freelancers running their own operation to help them save time, money and a whole lot of hassle and headaches.


Revolut Business is constantly adding new features to increase the convenience, transparency and security to customers and some of the more recent offerings serve to copper-fasten that control and peace of mind.

New features such as:


Announced as a Revolut Business feature only in the last few days, InvoiceXpress removes all of the hassle that comes with handling invoices.


No more paper and no more filtering through your emails for details on that unpaid invoice from months ago.

The most popular plan on InvoiceXpress allows users to make up to 500 documents per month, with permissions for up to five users, and it can be used in tandem with other software integrations also accessible on Revolut Business.

Best of all, InvoiceXpress are offering three months free membership to customers who sign up for a yearly subscription. More details are available here.


Multi accounts

Saving customers time, money and hassle is the essence of what Revolut Business is about and multi accounts is just one of the features that helps them do just that.

Multi accounts, as the name suggests, does exactly what it says on the tin.

Keeping accounts for multiple clients? Have a side project you’re keeping tabs on?

Multi accounts allows users to register, link and manage all accounts in the one place and switch between a number of accounts linked in Revolut Business in seconds.


Sure, it might not sound terribly exciting, but the time and effort it saves will clear up the space to pursue things that are… you can thank us later.

Set up on Apple Pay and Google Pay

If you’re well-acquainted with how easy Revolut is to use, then chances are you’re familiar with Apple Pay and Google Pay on your mobile device. And if you didn't know already, you can set up all of your Revolut cards on both Apple Pay and Google Pay for physical and virtual options.

It’s now easier than ever to set up Revolut Business on either platform; all you have to do is follow the steps outlined right here.

Brand new Perks

If the convenience, control and security isn’t enough to convince small business owners to sign up to Revolut Business, then the perks should do the trick.

The added extras available to Revolut Business users have only increased in 2020 and some of the new ones on offer as of February 2020 include discounts and benefits from the likes of Amazon Marketplace, Smart Pension, and more.

More than €2,000 worth of discounts and benefits from partners such as Apple, Slack and Deliveroo for Business can be accessed by Revolut Business users; the full list can be seen right here.

Join more than 300,000 businesses around the world already using Revolut Business. Sign up in minutes, cancel anytime. Get started today and get a business account that grows with you. Sign up right here

Brought to you by Revolut