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24th May 2024

Game of Thrones’ final season voted as the worst ending to a TV show of all time

Ryan Price

Fans have spoken out about which TV series finales disappointed them the most.

Nothing determines where a television series sits within the ‘greatest show of all time’ debate like a series finale.

While few would dispute that across the eight seasons of Game of Thrones, no viewer was left wanting in terms of drama and ‘mouth-agape moments’.

Few shows could rival the David Benioff and D.B. Weiss created project in terms of cliffhanger moments and mindblowing revelations, but many fans were famously left disappointed by the final episode of season eight.

Game of Thrones’ final season voted as the worst ending to a TV show of all time.

Now, in a poll titled 15 Worst TV series finales ever, Ranker have compiled all of the TV shows that fell short in terms of finishing things off.

Comedy Central’s flagship programme Two and a Half Men came in at fifth, with almost 3,000 votes.

The series finale episode broke the fourth wall repeatedly and ended with a grand piano falling on a character meant to represent Charlie Sheen.

A spin-off that followed several years later which featured Ashton Kutcher as the lead character only served to disappoint fans even more.

In fourth place is the cultural phenomenon that was Lost.

The ambiguous ending, which revealed that much of the series’ events were part of a purgatorial state, failed to answer many of the show’s lingering questions.

This lack of resolution and the religious overtones of the ending alienated many viewers who had hoped for a more coherent conclusion.

In third place is the forensic expert turned serial killer thriller Dexter.

That one’s conclusion felt disconnected from the show’s core themes and left many feeling the journey had been for naught.

Just today, it was announced that young Irish actor Patrick Gibson has been cast in the lead role of Dexter: Original Sin, a prequel to the smash hit crime drama series.

Hopefully fans will get some answers when that comes out.

In second place is the much-loved How I Met Your Mother, which delivered a twist ending that left fans reeling.

This twist negated much of the series’ emotional journey, leading to widespread disappointment and backlash from fans who felt their investment in the storyline was undermined.

And of course, in first place, we have the dragon and sex filled fantasy Game of Thrones.

Many fans saw it as a rushed conclusion, not in keeping with the complexity of the series.

House of the Dragon, a prequel series to Game of Thrones, has received positive feedback for its adaptation of Martin’s book and may help erase the sour memories of the finale.

The Jon Snow series, on the other hand, faces uncertainty due to the negative reception of the finale.

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