Gini Wijnaldum shares his favourite gym exercises for building abs of steel 2 years ago

Gini Wijnaldum shares his favourite gym exercises for building abs of steel

He's one of the most dynamic players in the Premier League.

Liverpool midfielder Gini Wijnaldum has recently been documenting his workouts on social media - in particular, the ab exercises which help to give him a core of steel.


Dutch international Wijnaldum has already ramped up momentum on his TikTok channel after posting a video of his football workout earlier this week that has since hit two million views.

Using the the hashtag challenge #FootieWorkout (now at over five million views), Wijnaldum is challenging TikTok users to get involved and show off their workout routines, training tips and gym playlists.

Gini Wijnaldum's ab workout


Incorporating these exercises into your workout routine will help you develop a stronger midsection, which is vital if you play a sport or just want to gain general strength.

Russian twist (with press)

  • Take a weight plate or dumbbell
  • Cross your legs and elevate them slightly off the floor
  • Hold your chosen weight out in front of you
  • Move your weight to one side of the body while keeping your abs engaged and back straight
  • Repeat on the opposing side
  • Then press the weight above your head

Russian twist on Bosu ball

  • Performing this exercise with your back on an unstable surface such as a Bosu ball causes your ab muscles to work harder to control the weight

Single arm plate row


  • 'What's a back exercise doing in here?' you might ask
  • While the single arm alternating plate row will work your lats, balancing the rest of your body on a Bosu ball will place an extra stress on the abs and core musculature
  • The more difficult you can make an exercise for your muscles, the better the return will be from doing it

Cool down

  • Don't forget to cool down after your workout
  • Go for a 5-10 minute brisk walk or light jog on the treadmill