Great news as Gay Byrne returns home following his week in hospital 4 years ago

Great news as Gay Byrne returns home following his week in hospital

His wife revealed the news this afternoon.

Gay Byrne's wife, Kathleen Watkins, has revealed some good news after stating that the legendary broadcaster is "coming home today" after spending a week in hospital following his recent health scare.


Just last week, listeners to Gay Byrne's radio show discovered that the former host of the Late Late Show has been living with cancer.

"I shall not be with our listeners on this day next week. Have to go to hospital this week...They think they may have discovered a bit of cancer in the prostate and they think it may have moved up into my back. I've had the most wonderful, fantastic, robust, good health all my broadcasting life. It's my turn now", said Byrne.

In an interview with Live95fm, Watkins gave an update on her husband's condition and delivered this piece of great news: "I want to really say a big 'thank you' to the nation for the deluge of cards and well wishes and phone calls and everything else. Beautiful messages, loving messages, nationwide for Gay and he really appreciates it all and so do we in the family. He spent a week in hospital, he's coming home today, and from today we will know what the treatment is", she said.

She added: "People have been so wonderful, I mean the support has just been amazing. Of course, there isn't a family or friend that any of us have, who hasn't been touched by cancer in this country. The important thing is for people to keep on having a checkup."