JOE's Workout of the week: UFC star Brian Stann's high intensity circuit 10 years ago

JOE's Workout of the week: UFC star Brian Stann's high intensity circuit

UFC star Brian Stann has given an insight into the demanding training regime that has him in shape for the octagon.

Brian Stann of the UFC is one of the top athletes in his profession, and as a former World Extreme Cagefighting light heavyweight champion, he knows a thing or two about staying in shape.


Recently, he had a chat with the guys at Muscle & Fitness about his high intensity circuit, so here's a workout to try that will get you fighting fit in no time.

The circuit is designed to be done in three minute rounds, but, as Stann himself said, the aim is to build up to doing five minute rounds bit by bit as your body gets used to it.


All these exercises are to be performed straight through for 30 seconds each, which should take you through to three minutes

  • Treadmill (Incline: 15; Speed: 7)
  • Battling Rope Slam
  • Treadmill (Incline: 15; Speed: 7)
  • Medicine Ball Slam
  • Treadmill (Incline: 15; Speed: 7)
  • Burpee


Pull up
Use a wide over hand grip to do the pull ups, and remember that your chin has to come up and over the bar to complete the rep. Make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together on the way up and control your descent.

Bench press with pause
The key difference between this and your usual bench press will be the pause at the bottom, at which point you need to explode upwards, engaging your triceps and pecs to shift the weight.


The key to this one is form, making sure that your knees don't go over your toes when you squat down, and that you drive through your heels to return to the top of the movement.

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Hat-tip to UFC for the picture and Muscle & Fitness